Watt’s Stopping You?

Join a small group of like-minded cyclists of all levels for whom power, performance and transference are important measures of the quality of an indoor cycling experience.

Get in on one of the best kept indoor cycling secrets in Vancouver: the Academy’s CompuChamber Classes. This is indoor cycling at its very best. Bring your own bike; hook-up to a CompuTrainer and enjoy the ride. Quite simply this is as close to simulating outdoor training as it gets. Our room capacity of 6 riders makes for a nice amount of intimacy. Each week features a different course with a specific protocol. At the end of each week we publish the weekly “Leaderboard” of the top 10 rider performances.

Here’s how it works:

aiohs-numbers-in-logo-1Grab your bike. Join a group of up to 6 riders in Academy’s CompuChamber. This is multi-rider indoor training on CompuTrainers that feature interactive displays all hooked up to a large screen.

aiohs-numbers-in-logo-1Have the most fun you can have while riding indoors. The CompuTrainer also happens to be the best indoor bike training tool available. Get more power and get more SPEED from your power. Computrainer gives you the tools and visual feedback to improve your riding and produce your fastest possible bike splits.

aiohs-numbers-in-logo-1The CompuTrainer does more than feel real. It is real. Power is accurate to within 2%, speed is accurate to the road.

aiohs-numbers-in-logo-1CompuTrainer has real courses that allow you climb, descend, and draft just like you would outside!

  • Real road feel on your own bike
  • Train with power
  • Challenge yourself against others
  • Improve your pedal stroke