Academy TRI

Academy Triathlon Club (ATC) welcomes you! 2017 marks the 2nd year for ATC although many years have gone into it’s formation and coaching. Paul Cross and Andrew Tuovinen continue as coaches for 2017. Andrew and Paul have pooled their expertise, decades of experience as competitive athletes, and commitment to elevating individual athletic excellence as two of the most well regarded professional endurance sports coaches in Vancouver.


Our mission is to support every athlete equally to improve, perform, achieve and execute on their goals. Coaching, like training, is an evolving process. ATC is an inclusive, non-profit club open to all.

ATC coaching philosophy is based on the collective experience of Andrew & Paul’s athletic, team, club and coaching careers, a combined 40 years of dedication to sport. Having worked with thousands of athletes spanning the spectrum of experience and abilities from novice to elite athletes, ATC offers an environment conducive to where you are and where you want to go.


The axiom “train smart” is alive and well here with Academy Triathlon Club. ATC operates on the mandate that everyone likes to improve. In order to accomplish this, we design and implement a program that respects skill development and balanced training. Every coached workout has a defined outcome; the annual club program follows a progressive training plan. Focus, progression and athlete feedback anchors our programming.


The ATC Club-House is the Academy – Institute of Higher Stamina (A.I.O.H.S). It is well situated as a start/finish point for outside rides and hosts our indoor rides during the fall & winter. Other coached sessions (swim and run workouts) take place throughout the west area of Vancouver. The Academy hosts many of the club functions such as socials, meetings, and clinics. The added bonus for ATC athletes is access to discounted programming and services run by A.I.O.H.S. to supplement the ATC workouts. From beginners to advanced, we welcome all to join the Academy Triathlon club today!


January to November 2017 (coached workouts):
Academy Triathlon Club operates for 10 months annually.

September & December are off from Structured Training
Tue: Swim 5:30-7am @ St.Georges Pool located @ 4175 W 29th Ave
(Swim moves to Open Water in June, set for Tuesday morning at 6:30 am)
Wed: Run 6:30-8pm @ various locations throughout the west area of Vancouver
Thu: Indoor Spin option a) 6-7pm or b) 7:15-8:15pm @ Academy @4439 W 10th Ave
(Bike rides move from indoors to outdoors in May)
* members will also have access to detailed weekly Training Peaks plan (Mon-Sun)

Membership Options

  • All members are required to purchase TriBC Insurance prior to their first workout
  • Annual Triathlon Membership: $840 (before Jan 1st $785)
  • Annual Duathlon Membership: $525 (before Jan 1st $490)
  • Monthly Membership: $99
  • 10-Pass: $165
  • 1 Time only Annual Club Membership: $49 (includes swim cap)

* pro-rating avail until end of March
* referral program whereby $50 is discounted/refunded to members who bring NEW athlete to club

How to Register:

1) Mail a cheque made out to “Academy Triathlon Club” to:
Academy – Institute of Higher Stamina
4439 W. 10th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6R 2H8

2) Send an interact e-transfer from your bank to

3) Use the REGISTER button below to pay online through our secure third party agent using your Credit Card (Visa & MC accepted)

If you have any questions about registration please contact Paul Cross directly:
(778) 688-0909

The Academy Triathlon Club Welcomes you!