Paul Cross is an established fitness consultant based in Vancouver with expertise in triathlon. He has 25 years of experience in elite athletics. Initially a national level swimmer; Paul changed to the sport of Triathlon and was quickly competing at the top level. He raced elite from 1990 to 1998 placing top 10 in professional events across North America. Paul got into consulting while still competing and training full time. His strong natural talent for coaching was realized in Montreal as co-founder and head coach of the McGill Triathlon Club.

Paul’s formal education is a Bachelor of Science in Physiology from McGill University. Always keen to learn; he has supplemented his knowledge of the industry by subjecting himself to numerous exercise science studies. He earned his coaching accreditation NCCP level 1 in triathlon at the inaugural course offered in Canada and immediately became a course conductor. Paul coaches many groups and individual athletes; however most of his time is spent in program design and management. He has a specialty in periodization, which he demonstrates through individual program design, at seminars, and at training camps annually.

Paul has a passion for sport and health, realizing the two often do not go together. His philosophy of balance is how he lives his life. Paul races seasonally in running, triathlon, skate skiing, and road biking. He is a successful elite athlete but considers himself a better coach than an athlete. His regular recreational activities include alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, hiking, and kite surfing. He embodies the active, healthy multi-sports lifestyle and has a penchant for quality in any shape or form. This is reflected in his work.



Since 1986, Andrew has been involved in multisport having finished his first triathlon then. Training & racing became an obsession resulting in many podium performances. It was in 1997 that Andrew slowly made the switch from competitive athlete to full-time coach and strength trainer.

In 2005, Andrew created the Leading Edge Triathlon Club (LETC) with the intent of offering multisport athletes to be a part of a professionally organized triathlon club here in Vancouver. Between LETC and Vancouver Endurance Club, the two triathlon clubs boast more than 50 members and growing.

A New Balance sponsored athlete & ambassador, Andrew’s 19 year coaching career has netted many firsts with his athletes, from individual personal bests to World Championship podium wins. He continues to compete at a high level having netted 2 bronze medals @ the 2013 World Masters Track Championships in Brazil on top of an impressive 2 silver medals at both World Championships in Triathlon & Duathlon in 2014.