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Knowledge is power…

Literally. Increase your wattage – and so much more – through a better understanding of training, nutrition and race preparation.



Let’s start with my articles, The Rules Of Fueling and Coach’s Tips – Race Preparation Wisdom. I compiled most of this information on bits of paper very early in my coaching career and immediately worked these gems of knowledge into my work as a coach.

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Please enjoy the articles and may you experience the benefits of proper fueling and optimum race prep as you press onwards, towards your best performance ever!

Since you’re visiting this page we assume you’re not sitting on the sidelines when it comes to activity. Perhaps you’re just starting out in endurance sports and the want the right guidance. Or maybe this is your 5th season of competitive triathlon and you really want to shine this year. If either of these scenarios or anything in between describes your athletic endeavours, you’re most likely interested in finding out about tried and true training and fueling techniques for endurance sports.

Our monthly (and special occasions) newsletters are for you. The keen, the curious, the informed athlete. Turning knowledge into power. Turning bicycle cranks to power the best finish of your life. Turning legs over and over in pursuit of a running program that literally turns mass into energy. At the Academy, we are witnesses to great feats of athletic achievement in everyday individuals who choose to pursue a passion. It is our desire to share the wealth of information accumulated over nearly 3 decades as endurance sports coaches with as many passionate people as possible. Say that fast three times! Our goal is to deliver interesting, applicable and expert information on all aspects of endurance training as well as info on our programs and events to your email box each month. Let our experience go to work for you!

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Rules Of Fueling
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